Titanfall 2 Joins the EA Access Vault

Titanfall 2 is one of the best first person shooters on the market, and can be access freely by anyone with either an Origin Access (on PC) or EA Access (on Xbox One) account. This top-notch FPS brings the same kind of fast-paced wallrunning action from the original, but with more secondary weapons and a revamped gun system. The legendary smart pistol has been done away with as a default weapon and nerfed, resulting in players having to get by with pure skill to succeed. The game’s learning curve is about on-par with the original, so you will want to brush up on your platforming and rapid-fire movement in order to succeed.

Despite being a great game, Titanfall 2 hasn’t really found much success in terms of sales – but it is the kind of game that should do well for years to come as part of a subscription service. Beyond multiplayer play, the sequel does bring with it a single-player campaign that tells the tale of the man and the machine he pilots. EA Access is $5 per month or $30 a year, and gives you the ability to play a lot of games in the Vault area along with early trials of upcoming games. Need For Speed Payback will be one such game and these timed trials are a great way to see if a game is to your liking or not before spending $60.

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