Bayonetta and Slime Rancher Now Available via Games With Gold

August just began and the first half of the month’s Games With Gold lineup launched a bit before midnight. Both Bayonetta and Slime Rancher can be downloaded for free if you are a Games With Gold user. Bayonetta is an outstanding fast-paced action-adventure game, while Slime Rancher is a first-person shooter melded with a bit of herding. It’s an interesting mix to be sure, but anyone who has missed out on Bayonetta should definitely give it a shot.

One great thing about Xbox One 360 game playback is it usually stabilizes the framerate, which was a bit of an issue on the 360 version – but nowhere near as bad as it was on the PS3. With this being a 360 game on the program, it’s also yours to keep regardless of whether or not you have an active Gold subscription in the future – and with this being a full-fledged $60 AAA game when it was first released, it’s an outstanding value for the money.

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