Child of Eden Highlights 360 BC Additions

Major Nelson announced a trio of new additions to the Xbox One’s Xbox 360 lineup. Goat Simulator is probably the biggest-name game on the list, but the underrated shooter King of Fighters Sky Stage and Child of Eden are the real stars of the show here. Sky Stage takes the long-running KOF franchise and turns it on its ear for a shoot’em-up entry, while Child of Eden came from the creator of Rez and delivers similar on-rails shooting fun. That game will scratch any Rez itch you have – and is the first Kinect-supported title to hit the Xbox One, but without Kinect playback. While that was  fun, the game itself does control better with a controller anyway. The Kinect controls were so iffy that they were best served for the no-damage mode unlocked by beating the game. Child of Eden is $30 digitally, but anyone with a disc-based copy can play it as well by loading it up on the system.

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