September 2017 Games With Gold Announced

With August almost over, it has seemed strange that we didn’t know which games would be headed to the Games With Gold program for September. Fortunately, Major Nelson posted the upcoming games and it’s a pretty solid month of action. The first half of the month sees Forza Motorsport 5: Racinig Game of the Year Edition and Hydro Thunder Hurricane join the lineup – offering up a ton of completely different racing thrills. Forza 5 was a fantastic launch title for the console, and with Forza 7 coming out soon, it makes sense to have a free entry.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is one of the best arcade-style racers released in the past decade, and an absolute must-play for anyone who loves fast-paced racing games. Oxenfree is a unique 2.5D action-adventure game with a narrative-heavy structure – so anyone seeking something a bit different will enjoy it. Battlefield 3 may be an older entry in that beloved series, but it should play like a dream with the Xbox One controller – and it’s nice to see EA allowing 360 games on GWG even with EA Access available too. This is a solid month of freebies – so get a GWG sub or make sure to keep yours active if anything here is of interest to you.

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