New Xbox One Controllers Announced

The Xbox One has the most diverse lineup of first-party controllers ever offered, and Microsoft has announced three new versions to please even more players. This fall, the new green/grey, patrol tech special edition, and valcano shadow special edition controllers will be released. The green/grey version uses a very light shade of grey with green accents underneath the analog sticks and a darker grey for the buttons and sticks. It stands out thanks to the bold green, while the patrol tech controller evokes a futuristic police setting with its rubberized grips and random weird symbols in the middle.

The reddish-orange gradient volcano shadow controller looks gorgeous, and the shadow line as a whole are some of the most impressive-looking controllers ever offered. The green/grey controller will cost $65, while the volcano shadow pad is $70, and the patrol tech controller is $70. The prices are steep, but $70 for the patrol tech isn’t bad given the improved grips on the pad. The green/grey and volcano shadow controllers will be available on August 3, while the patrol tech controller will start shipping on September 3. A new wireless adapter for Windows 10 will also be released that is much smaller and more akin to a regular thumb drive. It will launch in August, without an exact release date specified, for $25 or you can get it with a controller for $80.

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