Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Ultra SF IV Join Xbox One Backwards Compatible Lineup

With the original Street Fighter IV joining the backwards compatible lineup, it was considered only a matter of time until later versions came out on the service. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is now available for Xbox One owners in both digital or physical forms. The arcade edition featured a variety of tweaks to the characters along with new EX moves. Yun and Yang came in as playable characters, and Evil Ryu and Oni joined the fray later on.

SSFIV: AE was once a giveaway via Games With Gold, so it’s worth logging onto your Xbox One and seeing if you happen to have the game in your ready to install area. If not, get it – it’s a darn fine game and not too expensive now. Those who upgraded to Ultra can also now play that on the Xbox One – meaning that every single version of the game is playable on the device. It’s a shame that the Xbox One doesn’t work right away with 360 controllers like the Saturn-style SF IV pads, but the default X1 controller is fone on its own.

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