[Updated March 25] The Division Game Journal Entries 1-7

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a game just released, and both me and my girlfriend are falling into it in a big way. Unfortunately for us, I take my games a little to serious. Sometimes they almost even feel real to me. These are excerpts from my journal. Tune back in every couple days to see if there’s a new entry, right up to the review sometime next week and even beyond. If you enjoy this, say something in the comments to see more in the future, or visit my site linked below.

March 11, 2016

As soon as my boots were on the ground, I made straight for the safe zone. They told me I had a family, told me I was an agent and it was my turn to be activated to fight against the chaos and liberate New York once and for all. They were trying to spread beyond the city. They had taken a police station, but I teamed with some randoms and we tried to clear it. Unfortunately it asked me if I wanted it hard, and promised better loot if I said yes. So I did.

And it wasn’t just a little harder. It was a lot harder. Enemies had more than double the health. There was more of them, charging you with baseball bats. And there was no escape. We would keep respawning and they just pushed all the way into our respawning safe zone. There no running away, they will follow you anywhere. After hours we finished it, and I was 30 minutes away from working my night shift.

I helped all the civilians I could in the area, but our escort into the city proper was attacked. We were pulled to safety, and found a hub where we were able to meet up with a lot of players. From there  I opened up a new safe zone, and collected rewards for playing Rainbow Six. I was told of members I’d need to add to my team, and then I shut down the game to continue another day. At least I can finally use another gun.

The Division 1

March 12, 2016

My girlfriend has been apparently playing a whole ton of this game while I was working last night, and then even more this morning while I slept. Before finishing last night after 3 hours, I was at about level 4. Coming home from work, I found her at Level 7, tackling a level 10 mission with 3 people, a mic on her head. I’ve never seen her just start talking to people like that, is this game getting my girlfriend better at playing with others? That said she died horrible again and again on that level 10 mission. It seemed really hard, with more people than I’d seen yet, many wielding flamethrowers. I wonder if I’ll be able to tackle it any better.

Once I got behind the controls again, I went on a quest to collect the specialists I needed to open up the three wings of my home base. Once they were in place, it opened up a lot of the customization aspects of the game. The jobs to get the people weren’t easy, and I feel it’s all set up to get a lot harder. I did get a second weapon slot and now travel around with an assault rifle/shotgun combo, and the shotgun just feels like a beast.

Expect Entry 3 sometime soon. I was called out of New York for a few days to work a coffee shop in Canada. But like the Canker Sores that often make my mouth their home, I’ll be back.

MARCH 15 2016

Did a mission for my medical expert, helping to save refugees and clear them for some sort of virus test. There’s a virus running rampant, and I used the supplies from that mission to open a Virus Lab. That should help those poor refugees. Also used the remains of my security resources to activate a procurement team that will bring me new items every 12 hours. Yay me.

My girlfriend brags at still being 3 levels above me.

I pulled one more mission before going to bed. This one had me clear out levels of an abandoned mall to find diseased money that my doctor could test for early strains of the virus. Like in The Last Ship when they go to the arctic. Unfortunately the mall wasn’t as abandoned as I was led to believe. With the assistance of some silent random agents I’d never seen before, we cleared out the place room by room, and even had little problem with the boss. I’ve unlocked a deployable medical station that creates a defendable circle that heals and revives. By deploying that in every battle, it makes the game a lot easier.

MARCH 16, 2016

The cleaners, a nasty group of flamethrower wielding maniacs, have taken over an entire area of the city, and it was up to me to stop them. Me and some buddies I’d never met before from Australia. The building we had to clear was filled with C4 and flamethrower experts. I wont lie, they took us down a lot, and eventually the only strategy that worked for us was to hold it by stairs and retreat up when we got hurt and needed to heal. there was a level that was safe from attack, that is until the big flamethrowing tank of a boss came out and lumbered right up the stairs after us. We circled the top floor blasting at him with shotguns and picking each other up for what felt like fifteen minutes until he finally went down. As he fell he set off C4 charges and took out the entire building around us. We barely escaped with out lives.

On the bright side, I got some great tech supplies I used to upgrade my security wing with some new guard posts and a supply line. My base of operations is really coming together and I feel like I’m actually making a difference in the city and helping people. But now I have to shower, while my girlfriend wrestles the controls out of my hands.We’re the same level now, and she can’t have that.

I went on a little later and completed another mission. This one was important. The power was out in the city and I had to put it right. Turns out there was a whole other faction behind the thing, and they did everything they could to get in our way. We managed to activate the generator but they swarmed us with wave after wave after wave. In the end it came down to just another guy and me holding it in the back corner of time square defending a small area of cover from onslaughts of grenades and snipers. The boss sniper came out with a legion of men, and he made short work of us until I was able to get close with a shotgun. Snipers don’t like when you get close and personal, and they choke. They’ll run around and not shoot at you, or switch to a pistol and throw off random shots that miss more than do damage when they hit. Once the boss was down the rest scattered and we won the day, Time Square was alight again.

The final thing I did as the night was getting late was to extracty some evidence from within a large army of cleaners. They had snipers and legions of flamethrower men who held the rooftop as three agents and I knocked our heads against them again and again. Finally it took us sticking together in the center of the roof, fighting off enemies from every side to attach the evidence to a helicopter. Elite snipers came out once the evidence was extracted, and I charged him with my shotgun. We managed to pull a victory with the skin of our teeth, and when I got back to base I used the new supplies to start an intensive care unit and a decontamination unit. I used the recalibration terminal to modify some of my gear, and got some stronger guns. My base is becoming more and more functional every day.

MARCH 18, 2016

I managed to play only a little Division today, spending most of my time watching the exploits of a true hero in Hells Kitchen, Daredevil. I did take a break from all the crime fighting to get some “fresh air” and do some from fighting of my own on the streets of New York. Being many levels below the next story mission, 3 to be exact, I took on some minor contracts. Uplinking to satellites and restoring power to a city block. One uplink point was stationed on a rooftop I eventually deemed impossible to access and turned in at the home base to enjoy some more of Netflix’s Daredevil.

MARCH 19, 2016

I entered the dark zone for the first time today. Well that’s not true, I’d stumbled in once before but this is the first time I allowed myself to look around. It’s a good thing too. As level 13, I’m 2 levels below the next tier. Tier 1 is 1-14. Lucky stuff. So far it just seems like a more barren  version of the rest of the city. This area might have more players, and harder random enemies around. But the enemies were really hard to find, and the players were all standing around the extraction not doing anything. For an area of the game that’s much hyped to be the end game content, I was shocked at how underwhelming it is. I extracted some terrible equipment that couldn’t come close to comparing to my stuff that I didn’t get from the dark zone, and I returned to my home base where more episodes of Daredevil were waiting.

MARCH 25, 2016

With Daredevil over, I had to leave New York City as my job decided to give me a shortened weekend last week, and no weekend this week. With no other choice but to accept being taken advantage of again because I need the money, I’ve been left with very little time to help save New York City. Finally after a week, I was able last night to step back into NYC, and see what I’d been missing. As it were, I was still woefully under-leveled for the next story mission. I was 12, the next mission was 16. I decided to step back into the Dark Zone.

Once inside I quickly made a friend, but just the one. He was lower even than myself, but a personable dude. We found loot, and veteran enemies of varying levels that we were able to work together to defeat. I quickly realized a troubling fact, and that was that we weren’t leveling up no matter how many AI guys we killed. Not the normal way anyway. Instead we were leveling up our dark zone level, another 30 point leveling system that seems to only do anything at levels 10 and 30 you unlock equipment at the Dark Zone Vendor.

I did manage to collect some great loot, quickly filling my dark zone inventory and heading to the extraction zone to extract what I’d found. That was when the other problem with the Dark Zone presented itself. The place is the perfect ground for trolls, as we came upon a team of four who killed us not for our loot but just because they good, leaving our loot on the ground to bait us into returning so they could kill us again. Then they started hunting us to the spawn points, Everytime we tried to fight it was futile. We even tried to out-smart them, seperate them, team up on one guy. ANy time they’d get low, they would run and heal and their teammates would swarm us. All just for their own kicks. We were stuck, hours of gameplay all for nothing. The four high level well geared party members was able to troll the entire dark zone and ruin it for everyone. Finally I gave up and left the Dark Zone to do some low level encounters that are minor objectives for a small amount of XP. I was unable to level up before logging off, it seeming more and more likely that I’d need to replay story mission’s I’d already played if I hoped to get high enough for the next mission. Something I generally hate to do, but came to expect in the similar game Destiny.

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