February’s Free Games: Who Won?

February’s free games are out, with both companies bringing a different approach to the table.

PlayStation is hitting the unique category while Microsoft is hitting the RPG angle with the current generation.

Let’s break down the games. Read on to see who we crowned the winner.

Current Generation, PlayStation 4:

Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back

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This one may have flown under your radar a little bit and might not seem like much, but Helldivers has a pretty loyal fan base – and for good reason.

You don’t pick up Helldivers for the graphics, you pick it up for the fun gameplay. The top-down online and couch co-op shooter is fun for all, gamers and casuals alike, but can really be enjoyed by a group taking the game seriously.

There’s a ton to unlock, a world to protect and always-on friendly fire. Helldivers could take some getting used to but it’s addicting enough that it won’t feel like a chore.

Nom Nom Galaxy

nom ss

Your company: Soup Co. Your job: find tasty ingredients. There’s a lot going on with Nom Nom Galaxy, as players scour remote planets for delicious ingredients for soup while building insane soup factories.

While not as loved as Helldivers, Nom Nom Galaxy is certainly worth a spin. It’s got rough 2D graphics and an interesting style. It isn’t, however, the kind of game that will make people want to snatch up a PlayStation Plus membership.

Xbox One

Hand of Fate

hof ss

This hybrid action-RPG-card game is an interesting spin on dungeon crawlers. Build a powerful deck of cards that will eventually turn into 3D props to help in the midst of battle.

Hand of Fate does a lot of things well and will satisfy both card collecting fans and action-RPG players.

Styx: Master of Shadows

styx ss

As the name suggests, Styx is a master of the stealth as he attempts to steal Amber produced by the Treeworld, which is attempting to keep it from the outside world at the same time.

It’s up to Styx to find out why it’s being stored away and uncover the various secrets of the world he’s infiltrating.

Last Generation, PlayStation 3:

Grid Autosport

Another month, another free racing game, this time on the PS3. The simulation racer gets a decent amount of love from critics and players alike, hovering in that 8 out of 10 range.

A simulation driving game that isn’t Gran Turismo on Sony or Forza from Microsoft will always leave us wanting more, though.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Persona 4 is a fighting game based on a popular JRPG series, though you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy this freebie. But be warned: get into this game’s story, because there’s a lot of it, or maybe give it a pass.

PS3 owners also get the pleasure of Helldivers.

PlayStation Plus subscribers also will get Nova-111, Lemmings Touch and the mobile Helldivers for the PS Vita.

Xbox 360

Sacred Citadel

This Arcade title feels like a 2D, side-scrolling Dynasty Warriors beat-em-up game, so whether that genre speaks to you or not will determine how much you get out of this game.

This brawler can be played alone or with friends.

Gears of War 2

It’s hard to judge something free, but one of the most popular games in Xbox 360 history a free game? Really?

There are two reasons why you haven’t played this game in eight years: you haven’t owned a 360 in that time frame, or third-person shooters just aren’t your thing.

The winner: PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus has struggled in the past months and didn’t win many people over with headliner Grim Fandango Remastered last month, but this time around Helldivers brings a lot to the table. It doesn’t hurt that the Xbox games weren’t anything too special, though.

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