Games With Gold Rundown for Feb. 1-15

Since June of 2013, Microsoft has given away multiple games each month across both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One marketplaces. The program has given players over 100 free games across each system, and can usually be relied on to give you high-quality games at no additional cost with your Xbox Live Gold membership. The first half of February has some solid Games With Gold releases for just about everyone. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime offers up not only shooting action, but an off-kilter sense of humor. It was a cult hit when it was first released in 2015, and this is the first time it’s been made available for free across any platform.

LoversInADangerousSpacetimeIt’s not the kind of game that everyone will enjoy, but this month’s bleedover game from January very well could be. The Killer Instinct reboot was an Xbox One launch highlight and made a seamless transition from the original development team at Double Helix to the new team at Iron Galaxy when Double Helix was acquired by Amazon. It followed up on the beloved mid-’90s arcade and N64 fighter perfectly by not only bringing back most of its cast over the course of the first two years, but also featuring even faster action. The Killer Instinct games were chaotic in their day, but the releases of KI and KI 2 in ultra editions of the individual releases has shown just how much better the reboot is than either KI game was.

KIS2The game features some of the quickest action in fighting games right now, and reimagines a lot of the original franchise’s characters in new and exciting ways. Everyone plays differently and the game’s free-to-play nature expanded the game’s audience and ensured that anyone who wanted to try the game could do so. Finally, the first half of the month brings us a point and click-style adventure game. Monkey Island 2 follows up on the original point and click classic, which itself was given away a few months ago via GWG. It’s definitely not the most casual-friendly game, but for those who enjoy the genre, or even for those looking to get into adventure games, it’s a stellar game that is full of laughs.

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